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Still confused about the usefulness of this software and the extent to which this software can help you?

Video instructions for use can be found here:

System Requirements
Windows 7 SP 1, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10
Dot Net FX 4.5.2
System Requirements

  1. Download Binary Executor and Don Net FX
    Binary Executor : Download
    NetFrameWork 4.5 Download
  2. Install In your windows
LuckyLukeSoftware-trading long term chart

Long term Candle Chart untuk Rise Fall, DNT,TNT, IN/OUT, Hi/Lo, Ends In/Out, Stay in/Goes out, dan Asians

LuckyLukeSoftware-trading tick chart

Tick Chart untuk Rise Fall, DNT,TNT, IN/OUT, Hi/Lo, Ends In/Out, Stay in/Goes out, dan Asians

LuckyLukeSoftware-trading Digit Menu

Menu Digit Trade dilengkapi Analisa Last Digit Stats untuk Trading DIgit Match, DIgit Differs, Digit Over, DIgit Lower, Digit Odd, DIgit Event

    • What's Binary Executor Lucky Luke (LL)?
      LL is a software trading in Binary dot com, is used for the analysis in the Digits Match (DM), Differ Digits (DD) Rise and Fall (RF) to trade manually or automated trading.
    • What is the level of accuracy LL?
      Binary Executor Software adalah sebuah software yang kami ciptakan untuk membantu anda menganalisa dan mengeksekusi trading anda di binary.com secara otomatis dan cepat hampir tanpa delay. Anda dapat menggunakannya sebagai robot trading full otomatis, semi otomatis bahkan manual. BinaryExecutor memiliki hampir semua menu trading www.binary.com Binary Executor pertama kali dirilis pada Tahun 2013 dan mendapatkan sambutan sangat meriah dari trader binary. Hingga saat ini total member Binary Executor yang telah bergabung melebihi 1300 orang dari Indonesia dan mancanegara.
    • Do wear my LL guaranteed Consistent Profit?
      LL does not guarantee you a Consistent Profit. LL is simply a tool that facilitates trading LL supposing a machine gun, if trading is how to kill crocodiles and manual trading like you use a gun then you can kill crocodiles with both of these weapons but the chances you get killed with a capital of only pistol of course much bigger. We'll enter you to the ranch cowboy "Crocodile Dundee" where we are going together to learn how to use a machine gun to kill a crocodile. It means we will be as equally learn to be equally profit using the software LL in Group VIP. There are video tutorials and sharing configuration setting. To be sure LL can automatically analyze and automatically execute your trading besides trading manual way.
    • What Excess LL?
      ** Spot price is same even under normal circumstances more quickly than Binary dot com Web Site itself.
      ** Not to wear VPS (Virtual Private Server).
      ** Can trade with two accounts simultaneously for the hedging techniques, for example.
      ** Could be trading more than two accounts simultaneously for the purpose Copy Trading. Number of accounts depends rental package.
      ** Accounts can be registered 1 CR and free VRTC account.
      ** Rental Rates mild started 1 month. There is no "trap Batman" in our rental system. If one month you are satisfied, please proceed otherwise simply not be extended again. One month's rent can be used for two weeks of training and two weeks of real practice.
      ** Analysis Tools DM / DD complete start sequence of numbers, percents and charts up and down like a see on the web Binary dot com long.
      ** Analysis Tools RF tested using the indicator Moving Average, Bollinger Bands and Candle position.
      ** Trigger (trigger) execution is not only using one indicator but can also use a combination of 2 or 3 indicators to generate a strong signal (STRONG SIGNAL)
      ** Indicators Analysis Tools RF by showing a graph, so you do not play a guessing selected indicators. If there are changes you can immediately see on the chart and immediately modifikas.
      ** LL user international support. Users of Malaysia, Singapore, Nigeria, even Russia has felt the benefits and some even extended the lease again.
      ** The process of updating software is very easy because there is no check button or not the new version will be downloaded and installed automatically.
      ** Auto Trade, full automatic execution of the corresponding trigger indicator. Currently for new RF. DM / DD followed.
    • What is the minimum capital for use LL?
      A minimum capital of $ 10 is safe enough to DM without martingale Multi O and RF techniques without martingale.
    • Whether the results of the trading account and CR VRTC same?
      ** Myth CR and other VRTC Lucky Luke result can be proved by trading two demo and real accounts simultaneously. See the picture below on the real results both under demo account.
    • How do I order LL:
      1. Please inbox Marketing LL, on the web with friends http://binaryexecutor.net/hubungi-kami
      2. Rental rates LL
      ** 30 days 30 USD
      ** 90 days 82 USD
      ** 180 days 162 USD
      3. Download software LL, in its web link http://binaryexecutor.com/download
      4. Fill in the form of marketing.
      5. Transfer of funds to marketing.
      6. Wait email rental license.
    • System Requirements
      1. Adequate internet connection.
      2. Internet connections up to 1 GBps or 1024 MBps would be better, but not a must.
      3. Ping to normal binary, any connection that matters very little Request Time Out (RTO).
      4. Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 or if you own rental VPS Windows 2012 R2

    • What will I get?
      1. LL and License Files lease.
      2. Video tutorials in the form.
      3. Binary Group Executor Lucky Luke VIP containing video tutorials and setting algorithms that have been tested.

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