Trading Responsibility

September 9, 2019 By andreW

Have to remember every single time that trading opsibinaty can be pleasant activity, but we have moral responsibility to remind you about the risk that maybe you face it. Option trading causes addictive like another activities which is exceeded. So we suggest you to recheck if it risk to avoid the addictive which is important to follow basic principles.

  1. Take the advantage chance to free trading by using virtual account facility that we offer. This cause can help you in understanding facility and the rules.
  2. Do not trading exceeded your ability and do not spend all the capital for only one trading and hoping get high profit. It it much better small capital but a lot trading in one session rather than big capital but one trading.
  3. Do not trading in not fit condition or under alcohol influence
  4. Limit your own advantages. After reach the target, save and trading by using scrap fund
  5. Trading by using your own fund ability. Do not trading by using loan.